Hooch – 9 year old male German Short-Haired Pointer

Hooch is a 9 year old male German Short-Haired Pointer who is in a foster home in Christchurch, Dorset, waiting for a someone to offer him a permanent home. It took Hooch about two weeks to settle at his foster home. He was hyper for the first few days, and during the first week he was quite unsettled and fretted if he was not within touching distance of one his carers. He is now more relaxed and happy to settle down for a nap, but preferably in the same room as his people.

Hooch needs a home where he won’t be left for long periods on his own and he will need to be given time to gradually get used to being left. His foster carers have only left him alone in the house for around an hour so far. He does get quite stressed when left and whines and yaps for a while at least. They are gradually increasing the time left at home now he is more settled. Hooch is friendly with other dogs and shows no aggression. However when walking on a lead he does pull sharply towards dogs in an effort to meet and greet them. His foster carers are having frequent sessions in an enclosed dog-dedicated area to encourage close association with other dogs. Seems to ignore cats: There are no cats in or around his foster home, but when Hooch has come across cats while out walking on the lead he has virtually ignored them even at relatively close range.

Hooch lived with children in his previous home and should be fine to live with children again. As he is quite a large dog and can be boisterous so we think children aged 8+ would be best. Hooch needs plenty of exercise. He will play almost endlessly with a tennis ball, especially if it squeaks. He punctures them quite quickly but still likes to play. His foster carers are using ball play to encourage recall and he will now, mostly though not always, sit and wait after the ball is thrown until being told to fetch and then come back. He might even drop the ball but no promises!

Hooch needs people who are at home a lot of the time and he certainly isn’t suitable for full-time workers. His new owners need to be happy and willing to put in time training him. He thrives on company and tends to fret for a while if either of his fosterers leave the house. He needs direct access to a secure garden. He’s very good with other dogs and might benefit from living with a calm and gentle dog to help him settle into his new home, provided initial introductions went well.

Hooch is due his second vaccination on 21st October and he will be neutered approximately two weeks after that. He has been wormed and flea treated. Hooch is in very good health overall. He has a small cyst on the lower lid of his left eye which appears to be growing slowly. If the vet feels this should be removed, it will be done when Hooch is neutered.

Coffee – 1 year old male German Short-Haired Pointer

Coffee is a 1 year old male German Short-Haired Pointer. Coffee is a handsome affectionate young bouncy young GSP male. Coffee is wonderful with people, very cuddly and affectionate. He is a cat chaser, so cannot live in a house with cats. Coffee is fine with dogs he knows, dogs that do not push him around and he enjoys the company of the gentle female pointer he is in foster with. However Coffee has fear of unknown dogs and does not like dogs that are too bouncy. Coffee was found disorientated and thin in the middle of a road in central Spain and was picked up by the police. While in the pound he was attacked by another dog and badly bitten on his leg. A kind girl stepped in to save him and he went into foster with a lovely family with dogs for several months.

We then advertised him and found him a great home in the UK with dogs and cats… sadly Coffee could not leave the cats alone, so was moved into foster. He was then rehomed with a young bouncy wirehaired Viszla, but found a pushy young male dog too stressful, he became increasingly nervous of meeting strange dogs and was beginning to loose his temper with the viszla too. Happily Coffee was able to go back to the foster home where he had been before and has settled back in well. He is living with a male and female dog, neither dog is pushy or bouncy and the home is calm. He is still nervous about meeting strange dogs and this will have to be worked on as an important part of his training.

Coffee is a really lovely young dog, everyone who meets him falls in love with him. He is a very affectionate loving boy who is eager to learn. He loves a cuddle, craves human company and loves to play tug & fetch. He is clean in the house and sleeps well at night. Outside he has a strong prey drive and he has zero recall so lots of training is a must.


Andrei – 1 year old male German Short-Haired Pointer

Andrei is 1 year old and is a German Short-Haired Pointer. Andrei was starved by his previous ‘owner’ in Romania, he lived in awful conditions and tested positive for distemper at a very young age. He is fully recovered now. The after effects of the distemper have meant that his back two legs sometimes shake but this doesnt cause any pain or discomfort to Andrei so nothing to worry about. Considering the awful things he has experienced he is such a happy boy.

He adores every person he has met and trusts instantly. He has separation anxiety so likes to be close to you most of the time. When left alone he may chews things, so needs to go in his crate during this time but is happy to do so. He would love someone who is home most of the time and willing to work with him as he learns new things. He is just a puppy and has so much to learn! He is treat oriented and responds well to training. He has such a wonderful nature, he is so trusting and confident.

He is almost house trained and only ever has accidents now when he’s in his crate on the odd occasion. He gets along great with other dogs and wants to be friends with them, he needs to be rehomed with medium/large dogs as a bit boisterous with small ones. He doesn’t really understand doggy body language and sometimes can still try to be friends with dogs who clearly don’t want to be his friend! He loves to go on walks exploring and also adores toys, he plays together with other dogs nicely.

If you feel you could offer him a home please get in touch.

Marzo – 3-5 year old male German Short-Haired Pointer

Marzo is a 3-5 year old male German Short-Haired Pointer. His chances were very slim. He appeared hobbling around and with low-level Leshmaniasis in central Spain. People shooed him away and then one of the very few people who do care about the plight of animals was made aware of him.

This amazing girl, Monica, who has helped so many dogs, has spent a fortune having his leg operated on, an op involving plaques and hundreds of screws and which has been a success and he’s now free to run as much as he likes. He’s also finished his course of Leishmaniasis treatment and will now just needs tests and maintenance treatment. One very lucky dog but who now needs a lovely home.

He’s timid when he first meets you but then very cuddly when he gets to know you and asks for loads of cuddles in true German Short-Haired Pointerstyle, he’s also great with kids. He is very sociable with other dogs, no problems there. He was in a foster home when recovering from his op and was very clean. He’s not in kennels while he waits for his home. He hasn’t been tested with cats.

Martin – 18 month old male German Short-Haired Pointer

This is Martin, a good-natured German Short-Haired Pointer, in a shelter in Leon currently. He gets on fine with other dogs, he’s affectionate with people (see videos), he’s active, loves going for walks. Now he needs a home!

Zara – 5 year old female German Short-Haired Pointer

Zara is a 5 year old female German Short-Haired Pointer. The photos don’t do her justice, she is much prettier in real life, she’s a lovely chocolate brown, not the grey colour she looks in the photos. She has a wonderful nature and she has gained so much confidence since she arrived at the shelter.

She is very playful with other dogs and very sweet natured. She is shy at first but very affectionate once she trusts you. She walks well on her lead but this may change once she has learned that she doesn’t need to be scared anymore and comes out of her shell. She’s great with both male and female dogs.

Sheila – 2 year old female German Short-Haired Pointer

Sheila is a 2 year old female German Short-Haired Pointer. Sheila ended up in a kill shelter in Spain and her time was nearly up when we were asked to help. We’re so happy to have been able to have saved her.

She’s a typical pointer active, energetic with selective hearing when there is something interesting to sniff. When she’s not busy she’s affectionate and cuddly.

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