Nellie – 6 month old female Cockapoo

Nellie is a 6 month old female Cockapoo. She has been in our care for some time and is almost ready to leave for a new home where her life can really begin. Nellie came to us at 15 weeks old with Patent Ductus Arteriosus (PDA) which requred immediate heart surgery. She was then diagnosed with another hereditary condition – Angular Limb Deformity – which also required surgery to fix. These surgeries are both completed and she is healing well.

Nellie is an active, young dog who is going to need plenty of fun, training and exercise in her new home. She loves people and although initially she can be a little nervous of meeting new dogs she will quickly get over this and want to play. As Nellie has spent more than half her life on crate rest she will need help with basic training but is keen to learn. She travels well, loves her food and is mostly housetrained.

We are looking for a home with another friendly, playful dog where her new owners will help build her exercise up to normal levels over the next few months. We will accept applications from families with children over 5. Nellie will not be homed with cats. Nellie has been vaccinated and microchipped and will go out on a foster contract until she has been spayed.

Please complete the application form on our website if you feel you are able to offer Nellie the home she is looking for. Please do not apply by phone. We will get back to you about your application as soon as we can.

Nat – 3 year old male Cross-Breed

Nat is a 3 year old male Cross-Breed. This beautiful boy was rescued from PS with the neurological effects of distemper. We didn’t think he would survive. But Nat is a fighter and he came through everything thrown at him by life. Nat’s only problem now is a tremor to his back end.

It doesn’t stop Nat and shouldn’t stop you falling for this lovely boy. Nat is not infectious and there is nothing medically that needs to be done. Nat is as he is. He will need training in all aspects. He is excellent with all dogs, humans and children.

Current location is in Romania but can travel to the UK (once he/she has a home to go to) through the UK Charity under contract. Vaccinated, wormed, flea treated, Neutered (if old enough), Microchipped, Pet Passport.

For Dogs coming from Romania: This adoption fee is a contribution towards the costs of rescuing the dog, microchip, passport, vaccines, neutering, parasite treatment and transport to the UK.

Sandy – 6 year old female Cross-Breed

Some of you will remember Sandy but for others I will tell her story again. We were approached to help her when Sandy’s owner felt she could no longer care for her. On collection we discovered clusters of tumours on both sides of her mammaries and we took her straight to the vets. The plan was for two sets of operations. The first to remove one strip of mammary tumours and spay. When healed she would then have a second mammary strip and a much needed major dental. We fundraiser for the first set of ops and raised about two thirds of the 7 to 900 needed. Whilst in surgery they feared she was either in season or just had a season so spaying was too dangerous it was then agreed she would have the dental this time and the spay next time. The first mammary strip was completed and the lumps sent to the lab for testing.

Sandy went to a quieter foster placement to recover from the first op. Sadly in a cruel twist of fate immediately after her op Sandy’s cataracts on her eyes seemed to exacerbate and her already poor vision seemed to disappear completely. For a while we thought the sheer stress of her situation was more than we could keep putting her through but she has adjusted and she does appear to be enjoying life again despite her limitations. We spoke to the vet again about her situation and after some soul searching came to a decision for her. The test results for the tumours came back as non malignant so it’s very likely the ones on the other side are too. We feel that a second op and the spay will be too stressful for her. As a small rescue finding another £900 would have been difficult but if we honestly felt it was in her best interests I hope you know we would have raised it. Having gotten to know her we feel that finding the most peaceful and luxurious forever foster we can to live out her days as worry free as possible is the best gift we can give her.

If we can very swiftly find her another place she can receive end of life foster care with us paying all pre agreed vet bills then this frees up a fosterer to take in an unknown number of other fosters that are rehomable but whose lives may also be in danger with no place to go. She takes a few days to adjust to a new environment and the longer the situation goes on the more unfair it becomes to her to put her through that adjustment. We know that in an ideal world we wouldn’t move her but we cannot just dismiss the lives that could be lost for not having that foster space available.

I really hope this is all making sense and I’m not just rambling. The long and the short is that we need to very quickly find someone who will love our girl for the rest of her days. Maybe it will be weeks or maybe a couple of years none of us can know. It would be a forever foster agreement and ideally with someone experienced with blind dogs. Must be a peaceful environment. Honestly don’t think that this girl has had much love in her life until now but it’s never too late. Currently in Wymondham, Norfolk (FR061).

If you could offer Sandy a forever foster home please don’t hesitate to contact us on.

Kotsi – 5 year old male Cross-Breed

Born in January 2013, Kotsi is a three-legged, medium-sized male dog with a short coat. He is currently in the care of RSDR waiting for someone to offer him a loving home. On the 11 December 2016, we received a message asking if we could help Kotsi. He was in another town near to us and was skeleton thin and had a very badly broken back leg. The temperatures get to -14 during the nights so, with his short hair, he was really feeling the cold.

Kotsi went to the vets had x-rays which showed his leg had been badly broken with severe damage to his nerves and ligaments. They decided the best course of action was to amputate it. Everyone at the vets fell in love with him. They said he was a star but we already new that.

Kotsi is coping brilliantly with three legs; as soon as he got back from the vets he would not stop running about. Kotsi is a friendly, happy and affectionate boy.

We really can’t fault this boy in any way; he is happy and affectionate and loves all people and other dogs. He has been vaccinated, micro-chipped, treated for fleas and worms and comes with his own pet passport.

Gucci – 12 year old female Jack Russell Terrier Cross

Grandma Gucci is a 12 years+ female Jack Russell Terrier Cross who is looking for a loving retirement home. She needs a patient owner who is willing to give her plenty of time and space to settle in and learn to trust you. Once she trusts you, she loves an ear tickle and a bit of affection on her own terms when she is ready. Gucci is not good with children and must go to an adult only home, she is not good with cats. She is good with dogs, just very nonchalant but dominant in the home.

Gucci absolutely adores yoghurt and treats and will jump up in the air and gets the zoomies whenever treat time comes round! She likes to take a gentle plod round the garden and have a short walk to explore before snoozing the hours away. She is slightly deaf and we think her sight is limited so she really needs a special forever home. Since being a pup Gucci was not toilet trained properly and as a result, does toilet in the house, but she will always do this on a towel or puppy pad.

Gucci unfortunately does have Cushings Disease which she has one tablet once daily for and needs to attend the vets for a blood test every 3 months, Last Chance Animal Rescue is happy for her to go out on a foster basis so we can pay for her veterinary requirements as we just want her to have a loving home for the rest of her days.

Can you open your home and heart for our beautiful lady? Please contact us for further information.

Sorren Laurie – 8 year old female Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Sorren Laurie is an 8 year old female Staffordshire Bull Terrier. This little lady was given into rescue by her previous owner who had been homeless for many years. He had owned and cared for this girl since she was 11 weeks old (recently turning 8 in July). Unfortunately, his circumstances became more extreme, to which he was desperate to ensure the safety of her future, regardless of his. Now, this girl resides with us in our family home. Sorren gets on well and appreciates warmth, comfort and a consistent supply of food and water. The simple things that we often take for granted. Sorren is very affectionate and loving. She has a steady and calm disposition, which allows her to settle very well in any environment. Living on the streets has obviously taught her a great deal, so as a result, she is a very well adjusted little girl.

Sorren is good with dogs and good with cats. However, this girl needs a dog/cat-free home. Children must 8 years and above, visiting children would be suitable. According to the previous owner, she was raised around his children.

However, Sorren is deaf. We were told that she’d been deaf since birth. So, she was taught with hand signals, to which she responds very well! She travels well, non-destructive in the home, toilet trained, calm and easy going and loves to go for a walk. Sorren is well mannered and does acknowledge your instructions. She has a great deal to offer and would fit very well into the right home. Sorren is spayed, vaccinated and ready for the next chapter!

For more information, please get in touch!

Rose – 2-3 year old female Cross-Breed

Hello, my name is Rose, a 2-3 year old female Cross-Breed and I want to tell you about myself. Firstly, I am blind but I am also the sweetest soul with the cutest chin whiskers and adore having my chin scratched. Unlike most blind dogs I’m not that great at negotiating my way around as cleverly as they are and sometimes still bump into things. It doesn’t really bother me though. Also, when you call my name I will respond but recall is something I am still trying to understand. Foster mum says I am an excitable little lady and will suddenly take off like a rocket and go smack into my foster friends. I try and play with the seeing ones but when I get too excited they sometimes get mad at me. All is soon forgotten though. When it comes to a harness I am still a little frisky. That’s because I much prefer to bounce around freely in the garden.

By the way my foster home is a bungalow so I really can’t say how I would manage on a stairway. Also, as there are no moggies living here I have no idea how I’d react to one. Being the excitable cookie that I am it might just be a problem. I have a huge appetite and eat my food so very fast that I need a slow-feeder bowl. I’m perfectly clean in the home, I enjoy a good sleep during the day and in the evenings I will put myself to bed in ‘my own bed’ and then sleep right through the night. Oh, and I am crazy about toys. In my video you can see I do love a garden where I can play with them and roll about on the grass.

Finally, I’m a happy little soul and if some special person were to adopt me and give me lots of love and support I might understand there are lots of other great things happening outside my world of blindness. Thank you. Love, Rose

Blanca – 5 year old female Cross-Breed

Blanca is a 5 year old female Mixed Breed. Blanca was found in a shelter with just 14 days until she was to be killed. She has had puppies in the past and her one eye had been removed. It is thought she may have been hit by a car and her other eye was damaged so the rescuer arranged for it to be removed. He is Good with other dogs and suitable for families with children over 10yrs old. Blanca is a calm and quiet girl until she hears her food bowl and then she can make herself heard.

Suzie – 3-5 year old female Pekingese Cross

Suzie is a 3-5 year old female Pekingese Cross. This sweet girl who looks like a little doll, is blind. Suzie is only tiny, 4.5kg. Suzie is living with our rescuer in Bucharest, Romania until she has a home to go to. Suzie was not born blind, but has been blind since the summer of 2015.

Carmen our rescuer got her from the public shelter PS Bragadiru and a few days later realised she had the horrendous disease Distemper, and was left blind. She is a beautiful little girl, and thought to be a Pekingese mix. Despite her being blind, she is a very active dog and would love short walks.

We are looking for a quiet home for Suzie, possibly with a retired couple. We were hoping to rehome her with her friend Monya but this is proving to be impossible. Suzie is only very small and won’t take up much space on your sofa but will take up a lot of space in your heart. She cannot live with cats. She is neutered, vaccinated and microchipped.

Homecheck and adoption fees apply. Please note SUZIE is BLIND.

We are looking for a very special home to adopt little Suzie, please contact us if you think you can give her that.

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