Jerry – 2 year old male Corgi Cross

Jerry is a 2 year old male Corgi Cross. I’ve met dogs out on my walks and I’m fine with them too. I’ve not met cats. so don’t know what I’d make of them. I’ve met children and they seem to be okay, but I can get a little excited when I play with other dogs and I bark and growl a bit which makes me sound very ferocious apparently. But I’m just a little too vocal when I play really. So probably best I’m not living with children, and perhaps visiting children that are used to dogs and are a bit older too – say over 10 years old.

I’m an extremely loving girl, and I’ve bonded with my foster mummy and daddy so much. I just adore them and they can do anything to me, clean my ears, brush me, carry me and cuddle me, I just love them to bits. So I think I’d like a home like that, where I can happily live with other dogs, but I just like one or two humans.

I’m wary of strangers, I’m okay if I can go up and sniff and say hello, but I don’t like people wanting to try to reach out and pet me, it makes me scared. I’m fully vaccinated, microchipped, neutered and toilet trained. I walk nicely on a lead, got great recall and sleep all night no problem at all.

Barney – 10 year old male Corgi Cross

Barney is a 10 year old male Corgi Cross. This old gentleman has sadly found himself looking for a new home due to his elderly owner’s ill health. Barney is a true ‘Heinz 57’ but quite possibly has some Corgi in his breeding as he is a similar size and build. Barney’s owner is unsure of his exact age but we estimate him to be around 10 years old. Unfortunately due to his owner’s ill health Barney is not currently being walked and has not had much socialisation with other dogs. He did bark at a passing dog during his assessment with us but we hope to know more about this in time. He does not like cats.

Barney is a lovable boy who loves to be cuddled and fussed over, he is clean in the home and okay to be left alone for a couple of hours. Barney is used to visiting children of various ages but can be possessive over food so an adult only home would suit him best where any visiting children are older and sensible. Barney has no known medical issues but it is likely that he requires dental treatment. We will know about this when he sees our vet on 2nd September.

Barney would be an ideal companion for a retired couple/person and he would certainly prove to be a very loyal friend. We desperately hope he is not waiting long to find a loving home where he can thoroughly enjoy his golden years.

Dolly – 8 year old female Corgi Cross

Dolly is an 8 year old, small size (shoulder height: 40 cm, weight: 18 kg) spayed female Corgi cross. She was dropped off at a kill shelter by her owner where she was saved from last February. A kennel environment is not ideal for any dogs and especially not for a middle aged lady like Dolly so we hope someone is going to give her a chance for a better life on their sofa! She is very calm and relaxed and friendly with everyone. She may be slightly timid at first but she has a real soft nature and a great temperament. She is quite adaptable who tries to get the best out of her situation.

Dolly is a sweet doggie who thrives on human company and deserves much more than having to live in a kennel when she could make such a wonderful family pet! She is always ready for cuddles and is a very calm and loving character. She would happily be sitting in your lap and be stroked all day if you let her! She likes her food a lot so she’s currently slightly overweight but she has no other health issues. Dolly is getting on perfectly with all dogs in the shelter and she is also compatible with cats. She walks nicely on the lead and generally cooperating well with humans.

Dolly would be best suited for a family without or with children over 14 who could spend precious time with her and would not leave her alone for long periods. She would be happiest if her family took her on nice walks and where ever they can and would include her in family life. She could live with a friendly doggie or a cat, but she would be equally happy living with her family to care for her only.

Dolly is currently in Hungary and can travel to the UK as soon as the right family’s found for her. She comes fully vaccinated, spayed, microchipped, dewormed, flea and tick treated, with an EU passport and DEFRA approved paperwork.

Adoption is subject to Home Check and Adoption Fee.

Florence – 10 year old female Corgi Cross

Let us introduce you to our golden oldie – Florence is a 10 year old female Corgi Cross. She is in a private shelter in Romania until she has a home to go to. We would love to find Florence a home to spend her twilight years in. Florence is a little podgy, and weighs 11kg, but with daily exercise she will lose a kilo quite quickly which will be of benefit to her.

Florence has a beautiful white fur coat, and we are sure she has Corgi in her gene pool. Poor Florence was rescued from the horrible kill shelter PS Breasta in Romania in April. Florence is blind in one eye. Florence needs a family who can give her the time and space she needs to settle and gain confidence in a home, as we do not know if she has ever lived in one.

She would benefit from being in a quiet adult only home with people who are around a lot of the time and who have had plenty of dogs before. Florence is ok with the other dogs she lives with, but we do not know about cats so therefore cannot home her with one. Please help lovely Florence find a loving forever home by sharing her. We would love her to find her golden basket. Florence is now neutered, vaccinated and chipped. Homecheck and adoption fees apply.

Jamima – 4 year old female Corgi Cross

Jamima fostered in Norfolk. Jamima is a 4 year old female Corgi Cross. Jamima was rescued from a kill list in a public shelter in Romania and thank heavens she was because she is an absolute delight. This funny, wriggly, affectionate little girl is just a dream dog. She is a little submissive when meeting new people but once she knows you she’s a bundle of joy that you cannot fail to love.

Jamima loves other dogs and would prefer to live with one if possible but not essentially. She likes children and adults alike and would fit well into most home environments. Our adoption fee is £250. They are vaccinated, microchipped and neutered (unless they are too young). If you are interested please message or call between 9am and 6pm

Heidi – 2-3 year old female Collie cross Corgi

Heidi is a 2-3 year old female dog. We believe she is a Collie cross Corgi and is currently fostered in Wiltshire. Heidi just adores people and can be homed with families with children over 8 years old.

She is a lively girl and can be full of beans at times! She equally would love to curl up on the sofa with you in the evenings.

Heidi is currently fostered with another dog but feel she would be happiest as an only dog or perhaps with a male dog. She is currently fostered with older children and a cat.

With correctly introductions/management she can live with cats.

Pippy – 4 year old male Corgi cross Chihuahua

Pippy is a 4 year old male Corgi cross Chihuahua. He was relinquished into our care after the tragic death of his mum. He has not had a great deal of socialisation in his little life, his mum didn’t leave the flat so he was limited to who he met. As you can imagine the whole thing was incredibly traumatic for poor Pippy and in the weeks leading up to it many people visited the flat causing more anxiety as he didn’t understand what was happening to him or his Mum and why people he didn’t know were in his space.

Pippy was incredibly shut down and completely broken hearted when he arrived but he has now really started to turn around and we are seeing a wonderful new side of him. He is very sweet and affectionate when he knows you, he loves playing with toys and has also started playing with other dogs now which is just wonderful to see. Initially it was thought he was dog aggressive but he was actually just very scared. He’s been really great with all the dogs here; big and small.

Pippy needs a patient understanding adopter who will give him the time he needs to make sense of things. He may well not want anyone to touch him for a couple of days and we are looking for someone who will respect that and give him the space and time he needs to decompress. Due to the fact that Pippy will bite if fearful he cannot be homed with children.

Pippy is housebroken and crate trained, he is quiet and non destructive in the home and happy to be left for reasonable durations of time. He is neutered, vaccinated and microchipped and will be subject to a home check and adoption donation. He will also come with 4 weeks free insurance and a voucher for a box of free food.

Rachel – 9 month old female Corgi Cross

Rachel is a nine month old female Corgi cross. Rachel fostered in South Shields (FR012). We met Rachel on our recent trip to Romania when a rescuer brought her along to the neutering campaign and readily agreed to take her when she was ready to travel.

Rachel is a small and cuddly girl who loves everybody. She gets on well with other dogs and would fit well into most home environments.

Adopters need to understand she is still very young and should accept adolescent behaviors may need some training and guidance.

If you are interested please call or message between 9am and 6pm.

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