Casper – 4-5 year old male Akita

Meet Casper, a friendly 4 to 5-year-old male Akita, who’s looking for a new home after sadly being found abandoned and brought to us for rehoming. Casper is a happy go lucky lad, who enjoys being brushed and stroked whenever possible.

Currently in kennels, Casper loves the affection of everyone there and will be happy to say hi, and play ball with anyone. However, he is quite a strong dog so therefore we are looking for someone with direct access to a garden, and someone who has owned or had experience with Akitas or similar breeds in the past.

Casper could live with children over the age of 12 years (no cats please). When out and about, Casper is good with other dogs, however he would prefer to be the only dog in a home.

Kesha – 5 year old female Akita

Kesha is a beautiful 5 year old creamy female Akita. As with most Akitas, she is polite but aloof with strangers. She needs her space initially, but once she gets to know you she likes cuddles and pats. She loves her walks and walks beautiful on her lead. She also enjoys engaging in Akita talk for those familiar with the breed.

We understand that Kesha has no issues with other dogs and while out on a walk, our assessor did not observe any signs of wariness over other dogs. That said, we would always recommend that all interactions with other dogs be supervised. She understands the basic commands and does not have any food or toy guarding issues. She is non destructive and will benefit from a fairly active household who can include her in their daily routines.

As she has appeared distressed around small children, we feel that Kesha can only go to a home with either no children or with older (teenagers) dog aware children. Kesha can possibly live with a confident but laid back male pending successful introductions. She will need a confident and loving owner who will be willing to invest time in building a bond with her. On her end, she will bestow you with undying loyalty and devotion. Kesha is currently in North Yorkshire.

Cassius – 4 year old male Akita

Meet Cassius, a stunning 4 year old male Akita who is looking for his happy ever after. Cassius is a very loving dog, if not a little too excitable. He is very affectionate and would benefit from some training to learn how to keep his paws on the floor when meeting people. He loves meeting human friends old and new.

Although Cassius has lived with dogs in the past we feel he would benefit from a home where he can have the sole attention of his humans and learn to meet new dog friends in a polite manner prior to living with one again. Although he is friendly with everyone, Cassius is like an overgrown puppy so wouldn’t be suitable for a home with small children as he may knock them over.

Cassius is eager to learn and please and he will make someone a loyal and steadfast companion. If this wonderful boy with a happy go lucky personality has caught your eye please contact us. He is currently based in Nottinghamshire.


Buddy – 8 year old male Akita

Buddy is an 8 year old male Akita. This stunning boy has come into our care from the dog pound after he was found straying and no owner came forward to bring him home. He was born on Christmas day and is 8 years of age.

Buddy appears to be good with everything, he is gentle around people but as we do not have any previous history on him so would not place him into a home with children under 12 years old. He could potentially live with a female canine companion after successful introductions but he isn’t cat tested.

Buddy has been to the vets for his vaccinations with no issues, he traveled well in the car and after giving a little sing song soon settled down to watch the world go by. A loving and affectionate boy, Buddy would rather share a cuddle than play with toys. He is good around food and takes treats gently but is not treat motivated. Like most of the dogs in kennels he pulls initially on the lead with the joy of going for a walk but he soon settles down and walks nicely.

Buddy is sad in kennels, he really loves being around people and would love to be included in a new forever family to call his very own. He is fully vaccinated, microchipped and will be neutered before he leaves for his new home. Room for this hunk in your home and heart?

If you are interested please contact us. He is currently in Nottinghamshire.

Karla – 7 year old female Akita

Karla is a beautiful 7 year old female senior Akita lady who is loyal, regal and devoted. While she is a typical aloof Akita with strangers, she is polite and warms up once she gets to know you. She walks beautifully on lead and is respectful and alert. Karla currently lives with children and has been socialised with dogs. That said, we would always advise that all interactions with small children and other dogs be supervised, at least initially. We think that Karla might be able to live with a confident male pending successful introductions.

Karla does not display any food or toy guarding issues and understands the basic commands. However, she does have selective hearing until she has built a rapport with you. Once a bond has been formed, Karla is very obedient.

Karla is toilet trained and tidy. She does however have some separation anxiety and will need a home where someone is at home most of the day. She is currently located in Durham.

Zac – 10 year old male Akita

This is our lovely Zac, a 10 year old Akita that has come to us from the stray pound as he found himself unclaimed and unloved. Zac is very good at walking on the lead and has walked well around the other dogs at the kennels. He enjoys human interaction and really enjoys playing with toys. He is a really friendly and loving boy.

Although Zac is very gentle at taking treats, he has shown signs of being food possessive so we would be looking for a home where he could be the only dog and wouldn’t have to share or an owner that has experience of food possessiveness. As Zac has come to us as a stray we would prefer an adult home or a home with older teenage dog aware children.

Zac came to us with wounds but after a couple of vets visits where he was a very good boy these have healed well. He does have some scars but this doesn’t detract from his beauty.

Zac is fully vaccinated, microchipped and will be neutered before going to his forever home. So if you think our compact and foxy boy would fit like a glove into your home and heart please contact us. He is currently kenneled in Nottinghamshire.

Tia – 9 year old female Akita

Tia is a friendly 9 year old female Akita who likes attention and love. She knows the basic commands and is partial to pats and cuddles. She can however be protective over her food so new owners will need to be mindful of this at meal times or high value treat times. She is house trained and travels well in a car. She currently lives with small children but we think that she would suit only homes with dog aware older children (above 12) (where the adults are large breed experienced and who will appropriately supervise interactions).

Tia is not cat tested although we are informed that she is fine with other dogs. With that in mind, she can potentially live with a confident male of a similar size. Tia would suit a home where she can be part of family life and routine. She is reasonably active and would thrive on routine, bonding and training.

As Tia does suffer from separation anxiety, a home where someone is home most of the day (at least initially) until she settles would be preferable. Tia deserves a home that will value her and invest time in her. She is a sweet girl that just needs to feel secure and loved. She is currently based in Worcestershire.

Macey – 5 year old female Akita

Macey is a friendly 5 year old female Akita who likes attention and pats. She is affectionate and reportedly loves people including kids and babies. She knows the basic commands and is alert, engaging and curious. She is neither food nor treat aggressive. Macey is currently lives with two other small dogs. While she is fine with dogs in the house, she can occasionally be reactive to dogs when on lead and out and about. Future owners will therefore have to be mindful of this.

She is house trained and would suit a home where she can be part of a family routine and be taken out for regular walks. She is playful and can possibly join a family with an existing dog in residence pending successful introductions. Macey has not been tested with feline friends.

Macey is a lovely girl who deserves a forever home that will be as devoted and committed to her as she will be to them? Can you be the family that will give Macey the family she so readily deserves? Macey is currently located in Essex.

Tina – 3 year old female Akita

Meet Tina, a 3 year old female dainty Akita, who’s looking for a new home after being sadly found abandoned and brought into us for rehoming. Tina is a sweet girl, who walks well on the lead and loves a treat or two. Tina is good with other dogs when out and about on walks, however would prefer to be the only dog in a home as she loves all the attention and affection of her human companions.

In the home, Tina could live with children over the age of 12 years (no cats please), and would need direct access to a garden. Ideally, Tina is looking for a home with someone who has owned larger breeds or had experience with them. Tina will need around an hour of exercise a day.

If you would like to foster or adopt this lovely girl who’s got so much love to give back, please fill out a rehoming questionnaire.

Snow – 8 year old female Akita

Snow is an 8 year old female Akita. Snow is a confident and friendly girl. Snowy in appearance but definitely not a snow queen. She is affectionate and likes her fuss and attention. She walks beautifully on lead, is house trained and travels well in a car. She is also independent and can be left alone without incident for several hours. She is 8 and grew up with the family’s children. She is fine with other dogs and with that in mind; she is able to live with a male companion pending successful introductions. She is however not feline tested.

Snow understands the basic commands and displays no guarding tendencies towards treats or toys. Snow enjoys a good walk but equally, she enjoys a cuddle on the couch. Very clean and tidy, Snow is anyone’s delight.

Can you offer her a forever home where she is given the attention that she deserves? If so, give us a shout. She is currently based in East Riding of Yorkshire.

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